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Stoneleigh Show 2022

The Peaks and Toffs Tour 2005

Photos from Sunday 1 May 2022 at Stoneleigh

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The Peaks and Toffs Tour through Derbyshire in 2005.
(Thanks to Ken Craghill for sharing)

 I was the co-organiser of this with the late John McKenna who bequeathed a legacy to the GR which enabled us to purchase the banners used by the club at events.  It was good to look back on that video which was, I think, done by Ken Craghill’s co-driver.  As Cliff Wakelin commented on Facebook, it was really cold.  We awoke on our first morning there to find the Gentries covered in snow.  The Crich Tram Museum was an excellent place for us all to park up and look around.  Ah, happy memories!
Terry Johnson

I remember it well! Freezing cold. Bev Phillips warmed their bed up with a hair dryer! A really good laugh from start to finish. Happy days.

Cliff Wakelin (via Facebook)

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