Build – Paul Levers

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A video account of Paul’s build

Paul Levers


Paul has owned his Gentry for over 40 years now and but never finished it so basically, he is now doing a restoration and a rebuild putting right some of the things that he did all those tears ago. Here he is describing his build intentions.

Paul also has more content on his YouTube channel so please check them out.

In the beginning

A look around the car at what I now don’t like and want to change. At this point I have no firm idea on what or how I am going to make the changes.


A post-Christmas 2021 video looking at his garage infrastructure and moving onto the radiator and fan shroud problem.


A bit more on infrastructure and the new radiator framework ideas are starting to manifest themselves.


A few problems with parts supply and finally, the new radiator framework is taking shape (this has been a real headache).  


A video about the engine side panel framework and steel bulkhead mods (the solution to his biggest problem from GBB1).

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