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Hello everyone.  Ian Jones here from Ashbourne, Derbyshire,:

I have recently rejoined the Gentry Register after a gap of over 20 years.  I built my Gentry between 1983 and 1985 whilst in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and used it daily for 16 years.  But due to moving to Scotland in 2000 with a new job I did not have the time and space to keep and maintain it so I reluctantly sold it to a fella near Dundee, who I have since found out has passed away, so I have no idea where the car is now.  During my time with ODX, (See photo) and a member of the register, I submitted a couple of articles which appeared in journal No 41 (See photos).  Now retired I would love to be reacquainted with ODX again if anyone knows where it is.  When I did a search for it in October 2023 I found It was still registered with the DVLA , where I have information that it was last MOT’d 28 Aug 2012, and was taxed until 01 May 2024.  As I still have a gap in my life for the Gentry, does anyone have one for sale around the midlands which I can view as a possible purchase, thank you. 

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Barry Jones, a new member asks:

“Is there any way to see whether the car is known to the club or even finding out who the original builder was? Whoever did it made a really nice job.” 

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Red One was owned by Phil Phillips, a previous chair of the Register. Geoff Knappett owned it until 2021 and it is now believed to be in the Leeds area. Is the new owner a member? Has it been seen out and about?

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I have recently become the owner of this car MOH992F. It comes with absolutely no history or information. I believe it was originally built in Wales but I can’t be sure. Any information is welcome thank you.
Colin Chapman

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