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Gentry YXP 844 – Building Thought Process


When I was a teenager I wanted to build a kit car, but starting work, money and time didn’t allow it. On retirement I thought it would give me a focus, so I spent sometime identifying a project.

After a visit to a Kit Car show a few years ago I decided on a Gentry due to the access size and the availability of the mechanical parts. A few months later I bought the car above in an unpainted work required condition. 

Survey / Build Standard

To understand the car condition and safety I surveyed the car by splitting into zones and then made decisions on possible build standards and required work. Zones Used: Running Gear, Electrics, Suspension, Fuel System, Safety, Interior,  Exterior, Weather Protection 

Build Plan

From the survey I put together a build plan, which identified the key areas for rebuild and redesign to get the car to the standard I would like. I also identified what I would focus on and possible suppliers who could support me on some of the critical changes I had decided on.  I decided to build the car to a more modern look with additional fitments to make it more practical for my use.   

Main Items per Zone 

Dolomite 1300 Engine – Rebuild, Higher Torque Camshaft, Duplex Timing Chain,
– Unleaded Conversion, 4 Branch Exhaust Manifold,
– Electronic Ignition.
Gearbox– Rebuild
Axle– Rebuild
Cooling– Twin Core Alloy Radiator, Electric Fan
Electrics– New Full 4 Part Loom with Modern Fuses and Relays 
– High Torque Low Power Starter Motor
– Alternator
– LED Lights
Suspension– Upgraded Rear Swing Spring
– Adjustable Gas Filled Shock Absorbers
– Larger Front Anti Roll Bar
– Minilite alloy wheels
Fuel System– Stainless Steel Baffled Fuel Tank
– Electric Fuel Pump
– Inertia safety cut out switch
– Single  1 ¾” SU HIF44 Carb.
Safety– Double Roll Bar connected to rear body frame and positioned over to the chassis rails
– New Designed Windscreen Frame
– Tie Bar from the Roll Bar to the Windscreen Frame
– Rear Rack linked to the bumper / Chassis / Rear Body Frame
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Interior– New High Backed Thin Seats
– New Alloy Dash with Digital Dial. Main Dials and Warning Lights visible through the Steering Wheels
– Lockable Boot behind seats
– Small Water Based Lorry Cabin Heater
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Exterior – Strengthening Strips on the bonnets with Lockable Toggle Fastener
– Luggage Rack (pivots to get Spare Wheel Out)
– Motorcycle Mirrors attached to the Windscreen Frame
Weather Protection– Surrey Hardtop with wide rear window and flange to fit the Soft Top. (Mould made from a full size model MDF Space Model)
– Soft Top with Large Side Windows and Double Zips each Side. Allows the side panels to roll up and fix to the Tie Bar from the windscreen and Roll Bar.

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